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Dealing with the legal issues surrounding a divorce can be very stressful. It is important to keep the goal of rebuilding your life in mind while handling the strain of separating your legal affairs from those of your spouse. A skilled family law attorney can help you by providing a clear picture of what you need to do in order to transition from married life back to single life as smoothly as possible. Insurance policies, tax arrangements, estate plans, and many other legal issues must be resolved. Having a lawyer with experience in untangling these issues is critical for protecting your interests.

Custody & Visitation

Each year, about 1 million American children see their families changed through divorce.  Child custody and visitation issues can be hard on the process. Parents who are divorcing have much to consider. Child custody and or visitation time can come in many forms. Joint custody and sole custody; legal custody and physical custody; custody evaluations and modifications: all are terms with which a divorcing parent will become familiar.

A parenting plan is an agreement between parents who are either divorced/divorcing or never married, and it outlines the custody of their children. It takes into account arrangements such as who has the children on which days; who makes major decisions about the children's education, health, etc.; and what to do if any party's situation significantly changes.  If you are thinking about filing a divorce, paternity, or other family law action that involves child custody, contact us first so that we can help you make this a smoother transition for you and your child.

Child Support

Any time there are minor children involved in a divorce or paternity action, the issue of child support must be addressed. Usually the parent who is not awarded the role of primary caregiver will be granted visitation rights and be obligated to pay a proportion of the costs involved in raising the child. However, there are also other possibilities if the parents share custody or there are other unusual circumstances. Child support orders can also address tax exemptions, payment of extra-curricular or extraordinary expenses, and even college or post-secondary education. We are experienced representing both parents who receive child support and parents who pay child support. Contact us to evaluate your child support concerns and determine the best possible outcome.


After a court issues final orders, circumstances can change in the lives of a family. Original orders that made practical sense then, no longer seem as reasonable now. What happens when your former spouse fails to fulfill his or her obligations? You can have an attorney petition the court to enforce or modify an original court order relating to custody, visitation, alimony, and child support.

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